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The most important part of “Family Law” is the word FAMILY.

The attorneys at Edwards, McLeod & Money understand that and understand that the processes of litigation can be daunting, unforgiving, and uncaring, especially concerning your hopes and wishes. Without effective representation, the courts will simply decide your case based on what the other side has to say about you.

Through the process of discovery, we will make the other side provide us documentation so that we will see their side of the case. While we are doing that, we will also be working with you so that you can educate us with documents and with narrative so that we can get a complete view of all aspects of your particular situation and the issues that will need to be addressed to reach a final resolution of your case.

Everyone’s case is different. Sometimes, time is of the essence while, in other cases, time is a tool that will be used differently because your case might be better served by slowing things down rather than speeding things up. The more
information we can gather working with you as a team then the better we can serve you.

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Jenny Mcleod began practicing law in 1983. Mike Money began practicing law in 1996. Nathan Jackson begin practicing law in 2004. Together we have more than 87 years of combined experience serving thousands and thousands of clients in the west Georgia area against some of the best lawyers in those counties before all of the judges in those counties. We know who our opponents are and we are familiar with the courts.

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