Yes. We have won DUI jury trials. Typically, however, people enter pleas of guilty to the DUI charge because the evidence produced by the prosecutor reveals that entering a plea of guilty is safer than incurring the cost of a jury trial. The sad truth is that the penalty for insisting on a jury trial, almost always, results in a harsher sentence than simply agreeing to enter a plea of guilty.

If you are charged with a second or third DUI then the risk of the cost of a jury trial must be more strongly considered despite the evidence against you because the penalties for a second or third DUI are so much greater than a first time DUI. This has been the case for years; however, courts in Georgia have been moving to help people overcome the causes of their second and third DUI’s, giving them some hope for a productive future without the stigma associated with many of the punishments for multiple DUI convictions.

Now, in Douglas County and some surrounding counties, the courts have implemented a “DUI Court Program” that can minimize the pain and penalties associated with a second or third DUI and help the accused work through addiction issues and poor decision-making.

Whether you need a jury trial or need help entering a plea or a DUI court program, we can help you. We will evaluate your case, make a recommendation of how you should proceed, and begin protecting you as best we can, considering both the law and the particular facts of your particular case.

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