Uncontested divorce

Uncontested divorce

Edwards, McLeod & Money are the premier Douglasville uncontested divorce attorneys. “Uncontested Divorce” is a very specific legal term that means, very literally, that you and your spouse have “come to an agreement on every aspect of the divorce.” You agree 100% on how your property is to be divided up, who is to get custody, what visitation will be, how child support is calculated under the Georgia Child Support Worksheet, how the debt is to be divided, the existence, amount, and duration of alimony, and every other detail about the divorce.
A common misconception is that if each of you decides that child support is not necessary then it can simply be waived. This is incorrect, even if you each have the child exactly ½ the year. No judge will sign any order that attempts to waive support because it is the right of the child and not the parent.

There are a number of firms that will do uncontested divorces for some flat fee under $1000, plus filing fees. We are not one of those firms. Those same firms will usually take your money and fire you if your divorce “goes sideways” and suddenly becomes contested. We are not one of those firms, either.

Our rates for uncontested divorces vary according to the circumstances, but they are always set at an hourly rate. We can almost always keep the cost limited to what you pay initially if the proceeding goes according to plan. However, unlike the other bargain-basement offers, in the event that your divorce becomes contested then we can continue as your counsel and you are not suddenly out however much you have already paid.

You can pay less for someone other than Edwards, McLeod & Money to perform your uncontested divorce, but we believe that you get what you pay for. When your future finances and custody are at stake, is putting your life in the hands of the lowest bidder really the right choice?

Edwards, McLeod & Money are the premier Douglasville uncontested divorce attorneys. Call us today to set up a consultation and discuss your situation with us.

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