Property Division

Property Division

Edwards, McLeod & Money are the premier West Georgia and Douglas County property division lawyer. Georgia is an equitable division state and that designation controls the division of property during a divorce here.

What does that mean? Well, put simply, if you owned it outright before the marriage then it is likely yours now and if it was purchased by either of you during the marriage then it is 50% yours and 50% your spouse’s. The same rule applies, generally speaking, to debt accumulated during the marriage. And yes this rule still applies even if you worked 3 jobs the entire marriage and your spouse sat at home eating Bon-Bons and running up the credit card with purchases from the Home Shopping Channel.

We regularly hear the response, “That’s not fair!” the first time clients learn about this. They are certainly correct that it isn’t fair, but it is the law and that is what we have to work with. Courts generally follow the formula described above, but that can vary if it would be “equitable” to do so.

As the premier West Georgia and Douglas County property division lawyer, we at Edwards, McLeod & Money understand what arguments can work and which ones can’t to make the division of property in your divorce equitable for your situation. Let us help you to keep what you have earned and worked for all these years.

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